Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered under a Dragon Boat Policy?

Day to day dragon boat operations include activities usual to dragon boating such as indoor and outdoor water training, dry land training, practices, races, social activities, fund raisers etc.

Are waivers required for participants and non-members?

We recommend all Clubs obtain signed waivers for liability reasons.

Do I need to insure my boats under my Festival policy if they are already listed under my Club policy?

No, please only list them under your Club policy. If you have additional equipment that you have not already insured under your Club policy please add this to your Festival application.

How many members make up a crew?

We understand this may not be the exact number of your crew, however, for insurance rating purposes, a base number of 22 members make up a crew.

How do I add an Additional Insured?

Please go to the Home page and select the Coverage you require an Additional Insured Certificate for. Your request will be submitted for review.

Do we have coverage for our Club if we travel to an event outside of Canada?

Coverage under this Program is valid for Canada only.

We have a Junior Club, is this covered under the Club Package?

Should your Club have a Junior Club, please contact us at: for review.

Is setting up a kiosk included in my Club policy?

Yes. Social activities, fundraisers, and providing information about the sport are covered under dragon boat operations.

Are tug-of-wars covered under our Festival Policy?


As a coach, do I have coverage outside of Canada?

No. Coverage does not extend outside of Canada.

I have a company that runs festivals but I don’t “own” any festivals. What kind of insurance would I be eligible for if my company is a member of DBC?

As a member of Dragon Boat Canada, your company qualifies for DBC festival insurance through the Dragon Boat Program. You will need to fill in a separate application for each festival.

What are the differences in coverage between the Commercial Liability insurance I can buy as a coach and what my club has to cover their coaches?

No, you will need to obtain your own policy. Please go to the Coaches and Steersperson Liability section.

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Commercial General Liability

CGL will cover festival and/or club organizers and/or volunteers as a result of bodily injury(ies) and/or property damage incurred by third parties, resulting from the negligent acts of the festival and/or club organizers and/or volunteers for the organizing and running of a sanctioned Dragon Boat activity, subject to the policy terms and conditions. The liability policy also provides coverage for defence costs incurred to defend insured allegations stipulated in any written action against the festival and/or club and/or volunteer.

CGL for Clubs - coverage provides insurance protection, based on the specific coverages chosen, for the clubs’ day-to-day dragon boat operations. This includes activities usual to dragon boating such as indoor and outdoor water training, dry land training, practices, races, social activities, fundraisers, etc.

CGL for Festivals - Coverage provides insurance protection for the club or organization that assumes the responsibility for hosting, directing and organizing a Festival, which takes place at a predetermined time and place and for specific insured dates.

Non Owned Automobile Liability

Non-Owned Automobile Liability is coverage for a vehicle that is owned by an individual other than the company, but is used on the company’s behalf. It is intended for those “incidental” accidents – such as those that might occur when you send an employee or volunteer on an errand to buy lunch or go to the bank. The employee’s own automobile policy would respond first, and the Non Owned Auto under the company’s general liability policy would respond as excess.


Property of Every Description

This section provides coverage against All Risks; subject to the policy exclusions, of direct physical damage to the club’s and/or festival’s declared property based on a replacement cost basis. This could include boats, laptops, office furniture, life jackets, paddles and other property belonging to the insured.

Members should report the replacement cost values of their Property.

Boats and Laptops

This section provides coverage against “All Risks” of direct, physical damage to the club’s and/or festival’s declared boats and laptops based on an actual cash value basis.

Business Interruption (For Profit Clubs Only)

Business Interruption (For Profit Clubs Only)

Also, includes an option for Rental Reimbursement Coverage which will pay the cost of a rental boat(s) if your insured boat(s) is damaged due to a covered loss.

Liquor Liability (For Festivals Only)

Liquor Liability for Festivals

Liquor Liability gives protection against liability or lawsuits brought against the clubs and/or festivals that hold single or multi-day functions involving alcohol, even if they are not actually serving the alcohol. The development of liquor liability policies was the direct result of a changing legal climate towards the responsibility of those who provide liquor to the public. Liquor liability is not limited to those licensed to serving the alcohol.



This section provides limited coverage for the theft of money from clubs and festivals by their employee(s) and/or volunteer(s) who are part of the club or festival and have access to the club’s or festival’s funds.

Your organization may have access to funds collected from members or through fundraising events. This money can be insured against a hold-up or a break-in at the home of the custodian. This is an important component of the insurance as it is not always possible to make bank deposits immediately following a fundraiser. Such a loss could have a serious effect on the Organization’s operations. This form provides coverage against money and securities on a 24 hour basis against the perils of theft, burglary, hold-up and fire. The theft of funds must be reported to your local policy authority first in order to make claim.”

Individual Insurance for Accredited DBC Leaders (formerly Coaches and Steerspersons Liability)

Individual Insurance for Accredited DBC Leaders

This insurance policy is specifically designed to provide liability coverage to Dragon Boat Canada certified coaches for their activities as dragon boat coaches. The club and/or festival policies do not extend liability coverage to coaching activities; therefore the Coaches Liability coverage should be secured by all DBC certified coaches.”

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O)

Directors and Officers Liability Policy

Directors and officers are held to an ever-increasing standard in regards to their duties to conduct business operations and activities. Directors and officers have 3 basic duties to fulfil:

1.   Duty of Diligence (Duty of Care): act reasonably, in good faith, in the organization’s best interest

2.   Duty of Loyalty: place the interest of the organization before your own

3.   Duty of Obedience: act within the scope of the organization and within applicable rules and laws

D&O Liability provides coverage to directors and officers for their exposure to litigation arising out of their conduct as a director or officer of a club, team or association, subject to the policy terms and conditions. This policy covers directors and officers for legal liability as a result of a ‘wrongful act’. Note: this policy excludes bodily injury and property damage as this exposure is picked up under the Commercial General Liability policy. Completion of a separate application is required to obtain D&O coverage.

Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance

Provides coverage for legal costs incurred during the pursuit or defence of a claim, benefitting those who otherwise fall between the cracks of our current system and provides different coverage options available for various aspects of everyday life.

Coverage includes employment disputes, legal defence, statutory license protection, property protection, bodily injury and tax protection. Contract dispute and debt recovery can also be added.

Most importantly – all types of coverage include access to a legal advice helpline.

It’s like having a lawyer on retainer with unlimited access to telephone legal advice for any business or personal related issue, plus access to the courts. Anybody, for which the legal expense of a lawsuit would create financial hardship, would benefit from legal expense insurance. Completion of a separate application is required to obtain this coverage.”